Is #SassyHeroine Ready for Less Pink? Part 1

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

I was all about "The Color Pink" when I began my first #sassyheroine journey. I got a bed-in-a-bag with a comforter decorated in pink roses. Next I bought pink dishes. Then pink-accented wall decorations. I bought any book just for its pink cover. I was so into pink, I went as far as to stay at the Pink Palace hotel on Waikiki Beach. As a reminder of my girly-girl princess trip, I brought home the sassy Pink Palace souvenir book (because it had a pink cover), the pale pink bathrobe, and, of course, the matching pink souvenir mug. Yeah, if you haven't guessed it, I'm into kitsch. (See post: Is Sassy Heroine Ready to Share a Fridge?)

A piece of advice recently shared with me:

"Rebecca: Do you really think the kind of #alphaman you want will be comfortable in your pink palace, especially one that's three stories?"

"Hmm, well, why not?" I asked all wide-eyed. After all, it's been about me and me alone.

"Ok, well, think about how you'd feel staying in a Chicago Cubs' themed-house."

"Huh," I sat quietly and ruminated. Then a worse image flashed through my mind. I saw myself being forced to stay with a man who paid daily homage to Jimmy Buffett. Visions of green and yellow Margaritaville parrots gawking at me from every corner. Not to mention Margaritaville-themed kitchen appliances and bar ware; too-bright Margaritaville pool floaties; and finally the infamous rot-wood Jimmy Buffett's signs. OMG! I thought. Yeah, what if I found myself in tacky, kaleidoscope home?

"What are you thinking, Rebecca?"

"Yeah. I can kinda see how kitsch can be overdone."

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