Is Sassy Heroine Ready to Share a Closet?

Are you wondering what's happened since my "Ah Ha" post? I’m sure you’re hoping I went for that marathon sprint across town to find “Guy.” That’s one way it goes in romantic comedies...especially if it’s the year’s highly awaited Valentine’s Day romcom. And...especially if it’s designed to be only 1 hour & 30 minutes long.

There is, however, a second way this scenario unfolds. Like many #sassyheroines before me, I've gone from crazy, montage “realization” scene to freezeframe. This means, if my life is a romcom, it’s going to be a 2-hour movie ‘cause I, #sassyheroine, am still figuring things out.

But, wait. What do I still need to figure out, right? If this were a romantic comedy on the big screen, you’d want to throw popcorn at me now. I’ve done this many times when I've watched the heroine stand there undecided. Next, I find myself silently shouting:

“Get over yourself! Can’t you see he’s perfect for you?!”

Then I’d silently shout some more:

“What are you waiting for? What’s wrong with you? Get moving!”

If I take a lesson from my first self-help book, “How to Be Your Own Sassy Heroine,” I need to start asking myself important questions like: “Am I ready to share a closet again?” “What would I say if his clothes sneaked over the half-way mark?” More important, how can I keep my sassy voice, my #sassyheroine identity, and my side of the closet intact? I have so many new questions to ask myself. Stay with me on this journey as I write “How to Be Your Own Sassy Heroine – The Next Chapter.”

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