Is #SassyHeroine Ready for Less Pink? Part 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

I can't believe I've been deliberating this question for 2 weeks now!

The answer: Yes. I'm ready for less pink. It's not like I'm saying "No Pink."

I've even figured out how to artfully arrange my most-valued pink home decor. I'll simply solicit the advice of my most artistic friend - a woman with a creative eye and a talent for blending the most unusual together. She can mix an IKEA flower print with an original Japanese woodblock painting and make it look like a display from the Guggenheim.

This means my most-treasured poster of Hawaii's Pink Palace hotel, my French pink poster board, and my Japanese Geisha postcard print will continue taking center stage. And with the wave of my friend's magic wand and my imagination, I'm sure just one aluminum Margaritaville sign could find a place on my wall, if need be. Hey, I could even give it a display name:

...and this wall is called "City Girl" Meets "Surfer Dude." Come one, come all!

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