Is #SassyHeroine Ready to Share a Fridge?

After years of having my own fridge, am I (#sassyheroine), ready to share premium refrigerator space? Since it's only ever sparsely stocked, does it really matter? Hell...yes! When I'm craving my "chick food" staples of fresh, healthy succulent berries, I don't have to poke around left-over styrofoam containers of mac & cheese. I just open the fridge and reach for my artfully stocked leakproof and BPA-free glass containers.

Next, would I be tempted to sneak a spoonful of said mac & cheese?Probably. Anytime I've been with a man, I've started to pack on the pounds. That is so no bueno. I mean why can men eat pasta and never gain an ounce? Or is it that they're really sneaking into my berries and just pretending to eat pasta? Meanwhile it's me all along sneaking a spoonful and then another spoonful. Then one day I realize I'm up to sneaking a ladleful.

...and don't even get me started on fridge magnets. For example, how would I handle having Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles on my fridge right next to my very own Rebecca Rodarte magnets. I have so many questions to explore as I continue writing "How to Be Your Own Sassy Heroine - The Next Chapter."

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