Sassy Heroine's EPIC Love Journey

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

What did I do during this January's Red Blood Wolf Moon? I went out and absorbed the moon's energy for as long as I could stand it! I spread my arms wide and stood full on facing the moon while chanting, "It's my time." "It's my time." "I am open to loving again." I was somehow secretly hoping Thor would hear my call and sweep to earth, gather me in his arms, and take me back to his world. Imagine a big, muscled superhero at my beck and call. A man with so much strength would surely never complain about carrying in the groceries. Ladies, Am I right, or am I right? Isn't that what we all just really want in a man? Of course, it would be great if he also enjoyed helping with household chores.

The good news about my Moon activity is that I feel more positive and... more loving than ever before. I'm gonna do this every full moon. Meanwhile, if I can even have Thor in my dreams, I'll be super, duper happy!

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