#sassyheroine's EPIC Love Journey Continued

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Uh oh! I think it finally happened! Are you ready? Of course, y'all are! You've all been wanting this to happen for years. So here it is: I...think...No, I know..that...I...felt the sharp point...of Cupid's arrow pierce my heart...on Valentine's, no less. (Okay, so maybe it was actually the morning of the 15th). I know it's unbelievable. Imagine how I'm feeling. I swear it was just a prick, but it was enough to get my heart pumping before a movie vignette flashed before my very eyes. You know...the scenes in a romantic comedy that all rush together when the heroine realizes that he's the one.

Of course, I was "putting a lot out there" these last few weeks... worshiping the moon, hoping I could mature enough to see beyond a man's muscles to his heart, blah, blah, blah. Now, I simply don't know what to do. Just as in a romantic comedy, I've become discombobulated sassy heroine.

But I keep reminding myself that I need to just be me -- a strong, sassy heroine. I need to get my head on straight again. Well...maybe not entirely. After all, it's events like these that get the thought bubbles popping. Plus, every good writer needs to write from her own experience, right? Then again, this could all be a case of early spring fever, and I'll be back to wishing for another superhero to fall from the sky. Next up? Black Panther or Spider Man? (But, I really hope I don't have it wrong this time.)

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