Sassy Heroine's Epic Love Journey

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I don't know about you, but I've heard more than my share of "You're just not looking hard enough." and "You're too picky." Well. Ok then. My resolution for this year is to look harder and be as open-minded as possible. I'm also taking my expectations or "requirements" down...way down. While I pondered just how I was going to do this- -- #antman came to mind. After all, maybe my man has been living right under my nose the whole time!

Nope! #antman was not hiding out under my sofa pillow. I was a little relieved. If he had been there, I'd have been overcome with fear that I'd suffocated him. Then again, it could have been my shining moment to administer mouth-to-mouth. I could've even made myself believe that "true love's" kiss saved him. #sassyheroine saves #antman

Next up.I peeked underneath my sofa. No such luck but a giant reminder that I needed to vacuum. As a modern-day #single, #divorced woman, the chores never end. But imagine if I lived with #antman?! Maybe he could at least help with a fuse when my air conditioning goes out in the 100-degree #arizona summer. Needless to say, I'm at a point, where I'm asking only for the little things. Wouldn't it be great if I met #antman? If he looked like Paul Rudd, all the better but not necessary. Then again, I may need to carry my man around in my pocket. I'd probably also look like crazy #sassyheroine talking to herself at dinner. But at least I wouldn't be alone and friends could finally say,"Well finally!"

#sassyheroine #doitwithsass

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