Sassy Heroine's Epic Love Journey

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

My absolutely most favorite #superhero of all time is #superman. I know there are a million comic book superheroes, but #superman has always called to me. Maybe that dates me to my childhood, or maybe it's because I've always been secretly in love with geeky Clark Kent? Maybe it's because Clark Kent is a reporter, and I'm assuming he can spell? Spelling was my number one requirement for as long as I can remember. A couple years ago, however, I decided I'd give the guys a break and hope they can at least use spell checker. Nowadays, I'll accept auto-generated Smart Compose responses. #sassyheroine has got to go with the times. Still...I'm a hopeless romantic. But with so many geeky-looking guys out there, who needs all those muscles when I'm really looking for a kind-hearted man. If I can catch him fighting compassionately for justice, I'll forgo the spelling test. So I decided to go hang out in a coffee shop near the courthouse in downtown Phoenix. I hoped if I looked hard enough beneath the surface I'd find him. Alas, while I people watched with a nonchalance only a writer can pass off, the only men I saw were men on their phones who never glanced up even once. I mean, yeah, should I just go back to online dating? What do you think? #doitwithsass

Clark Kent turning into superman
Clark Kent turning into Superman

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