Will #sassyheroine Find Love in 2019?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I've heard rumblings from fans that I'm taking way too long to publish Book 2 of Dating in the Desert, The Sassy Saguaros Series. My fans are right! I have been taking way too long. I take my readers input seriously. One review, in particular, stated that I didn't delve too much into the emotions of love...that really it was more about the characters' physical attractiveness for eachother. I agree it was a little superficial.....SOOOO, Book 2 is going to be deeply experiential. This means that this Arizona romance writer needs to get serious about her own love life. I have consulted the stars and it turns out, Romance, LOVE, is in the stars for 2019! I'm ready. Are you? Follow me as I rediscover the power of real, true love. #sassyheroine #doitwithsass

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